Abe Sapien
Abe... it ain't easy being blue.


Abe Sapien (duh)


Hellboy, Liz Sherman, Roger the Homunculus

Teams and Stuff:

B.R.P.D., thats all

First Appearance:

Hellboy: Seed of Destruction

Abe Sapien (born Langdon Everett Caul) is a fictional character in the comic book series Hellboy, created by Mike Mignola. He takes his name from "Icthyo sapiens," the fanciful species designation chosen for him by his colleagues in the 19th-century Oannes Club, and from Abraham Lincoln, on whose assassination date the Oannes Club abandoned Abe's body, leaving only a cryptic note as explanation, in a suspended animation tank beneath a Washington D.C. hospital. He is occasionally referred to as a fishman or merman. < All from Wikipedia.

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