Photo 00004

a short sketch of Bastyt

Bastyt is an orginal Mortal Kombat character created by Vaporeon82996.


Bethani Hills, a college student, was vacation in Egypt taking a tour through one of the pyramids. Suddenly, she got the urge to stray from the group. Hearing a woman's voice, she was guided along a series of secret chamber until she came to one adorned in cats. The woman identified herself as Bastet, the ancient goddess. She told Bethani that she was chosen to be her warrior. With every life that she took, their soul was to be reborn in Bastet's realm, until she had gotten an army large enough to take over all the realms. Bastet put Bethani into a deep sleep, and she awoke she was in Outworld, adorned in different clothes and blessed with Bastet's spear and the skill to master it. She got up, and began her massacre.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Catlike reflexes and speed
  • Claws and Fangs
  • Master with the Spear
  • Enhanced strength
  • Natural Affinity with all Animals


  • Purr-fect- Bastyt whistles and summons a large amount of cats. The cats jump on and maul the opponent until there is nothing left but bones and scattered hunks of flesh.
  • Pretty Kitty- Bastyt uses her claws to gauge the opponent's eyes out, then digs her claws into their head and rips their head off.

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