Waking up from an underwater coffin more than 20 years ago, all Bayonetta knows is that she's a witch. Ultra powerful and super sexy, Bayonetta is one of the most badass leads for any video game.


More than 20 years ago, a coffin arose from beneath a gloomy lake, and Bayonetta awoke. Unable to recall anything from her past, or even her own name, she knew only one thing. She had the power of a witch, the power to summon ferocious demons and kill Heaven's angelic servants. Returning to life in the Modern world, clues to her hazy past were slowly revealed until she came upon the city of Vigrid, where she was constantly assaulted by angels. A few fateful meetings and her past is laid out in front of her, but can she find it?


IGN's Ryan Clements described her as "hardcore badass" and "brimming with sexual energy". Bayonetta oozes confidence and doesn't let so much as an army of ferocious dragons phase her one bit. This combination of beauty and battle comes pretty often, but none has reached a level so far as Bayonetta.

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