Chuck in Dead Rising 2

Chuck Greene is one of the 2 protagonists of the Dead Rising series. He first appeared in Dead Rising 2: Case West as the protagonist.


Once a famous Motocross Rider, Chuck Greene must live with his daughter's dangerous infection. In turn, he must get Zombrex, a drug used to prevent zombification, to keep her safe. 5 years after the first infection, Chuck is one of the contestants on the game show Terror is Reality to get money for Zombrex. Chuck, being the survivor of another outbreak which infected his daughter, is a little paranoid around the zombies at first. His enemy, the green rider, lets zombies out which attack the patrons. Now Chuck must survive, rescue survivors, and get Zombrex every 24 hours for his daughter. After Dead Rising 2, Chuck leaves Fortune City. On his trail, he runs into an infected town. He must find Zombrex for his daughter and make his way out before the military kills all infected - even ones not zombified.

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