The Dead Rising series is a series about a zombie outbreak with one person brave enough to save the survivors. There are 2 games and 3 DLC games.


Dead RisingEdit

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Dead Rising is about how the zombie outbreak started. It takes place in a small fictional town named Willamette, Colorado. The protagonist is Frank West, a photographer who hears about the outbreak and wants to claim the story. His investigation leads to him being the main survivor and protector of others. When he survives his endeavor, he becomes famous. But he is bitten and must take Zombrex every 24 hours to stay human.

Dead Rising: Case ZeroEdit

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Dead Rising: Case Zero is the prequel to Dead Rising 2. A new protagonist, Chuck Greene, must find Zombrex for his daughter, Katey Greene, before she turns to a zombie and leave the town of Still Creek before the government comes to kill all infected, zombie or not.

Dead Rising 2Edit

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Dead Rising 2 is the second game of the Dead Rising series. The protagonist, Chuck Green, once a famous motocross champion must go on a horror-sport gameshow Terror is Reality to get money for his daughter's condition after she was bitten by her zombified mother in a past outbreak in Vegas. It takes place in another fictional Casino town named Fortune City, Nevada. During the show, the zombies are released and attack everyone, causing the second outbreak. Chuck must rescue the survivors and get Zombrex for his daughter, or else she will be zombified.


Dead Rising 2: Case WestEdit

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Dead Rising 2: Off the RecordEdit

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