Glacier full-body

is a fictional character created for the Killer Instinct series


Story (Basic): Glacius is an alien being from a distant planet. When his spaceship crash landed on earth, he was captured by Ultratech. Hoping to prove these alien beings to be inferior, Ultratech forces him to fight for his life in the Killer Instinct tournament.

Story (Extended): Wandering the galaxy in search of new life, a curious Glacius skims too close to the Earth and, sucked in by its gravitational field, crashlands deep in the heart of a snow- bound mountain range. Groggy but counting himself lucky to be alive, he surveys the damage and sets out in the hope of finding the parts he needs. The history books of Glacius' race warn of the humans' unreasoning brutality, but surely they exaggerate? Unfortunately, the alien will soon have time to regret his trusting nature when Ultratech capture him for use in their own unique brand of 'scientific research.

Glacius is an ice-like being from a planet far away from Earth. His reason for coming to Earth are also connected to UltraTech. It seems as if the company has also captured others of his species. His mission would become fruitless however, because due to a malfunction in his ship's systems, he crash-landed on Earth. Unfortunately for him, he was also recovered by none other than UltraTech. The tyranical company held him captive until their next Killer Instinct tournament and informed him they would let him go...if he fought for his life in the tournament. They wanted to prove that it was the human race that was the superior one.

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