Lancelot is Prince Sub-Scorpion's Marvel fan character.Being based on a medieval knight he does have special weapons. Here is a list of some of them.
  • Ragador- A two sided blade with Bronze spikes on one side and a breakless metal on the other.
  • Destructor- A breakless Battle Hammer/Axe that can easily be thrown at far distances and high speeds
  • Reginleif- A breakless Spear that can be thrown at high speeds and a sharp point being able to dig in most objects

He was also chosen to become "The Golden Knight" to enchance himself and weapons. These are the three wepons from before; enchanced

Note:They can NOT go through Unholy Beings just damage them

  • Excalibur- The enchanced version of Ragador giving out a Holy Aura and being able to cut through anything but Unholy Beings
  • Armads- The enchanced version of Destructor having many ways of causing earthquakes and smashing through anything but Unholy Beings
  • Siegmund- The enchanced version of Reginleif being able to go at light speed and cutting through wind but can not cut through Unholy Beings

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