Mario is the poster boy for Nintendo, as well as character in the Super Mario Bros. franchise..

Mario is Nintendo's main mascot and is considered the world’s most famous game character. Mario is very strong being able to break solid brick with his hands and easily disposing of enemies he is also very fast and agile being able to jump 2 stories high with jumps and flips and being shown to be as fast as Sonic in the Mario and sonic games. Mario has appeared in over 200 games he had many different genres of games from 2d plat formers, 3d adventure games, Racing games, sports games, puzzle games, party games, RPGS, spin off games, and he even appeared in fighting games. Mario has many different jobs these range from a plumber, a carpenter, a doctor, a hero, a race car driver, a base ball player, a golf player, a tennis player, a soccer player, an Olympic competitor.

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