Jason ... where are you?

Mollusc, after being imprisoned by the Predators for spying.

Mollusc is a user who had famously recorded the events of the Kult Vs Predator War, listing the events of the war and calling them "The Tainted Blood Scrolls". He is known to be a good friend of Xperia. He is unique in the fact that he cannot fight, yet is good at listing notable events in a single timespan. Today, few, if any, of The Tainted Blood Scrolls have survived. He is the leader of the mysterious orginization that is attempting to save the gamebook from extinction.

In the end, though, he betrayed the Kult and attempted to form a Troll Army to destroy them. He was imprisoned in an eternal Tomb of Silence, where he could observe the outside world but not escape or communicate with it. He learned that a cult, formed by Barry-of-Many-Names (often known as just Barry) had formed a cult to succeed his Troll Army attempts, and had sent several proxies disguised as Mollusc's voice to attack the Kult and divert attention from himself. Trying to repent for his sins due to thinking Barry was going too far, he used a Blood Sacrifice spell to split himself into two distinct personalities:his evil Mollusc self (now renamed Maniac Cop) and his good self, known as Hmm2. After a brief struggle, Hmm2 was the personality that escaped and killed Barry.

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