1658150-4388 moonknight

Rebelling against his rabbi father, Marc Spector started out as a heavyweight boxer before eventually joining the U.S. Marines. Marc went on to become a mercenary. In Africa, he met a French mercenary, Jean-Paul " Frenchie" DuChamp, who would become one of Marc's closest friends. Frenchie later became Marc's pilot. While working for terrorist, Raoul Bushman, Marc began to question his choices. In Selima, Sudan, they stumbled across archaeologist Dr. Peter Alraune's excavation of an Egyptian Pharaoh's tomb. There, Bushman killed the Archaeologist. Marc, feeling guilt, attempted to help, Alraune's daughter, Marlene Alraune escape. Annoyed with his betrayal, Bushman beat Spector and left him in the desert to die. Barely conscious, Spector managed to return to the ancient tomb. Marlene was there with her father's men and brought Marc to rest near a statue of the moon god, Khonshu. Weak from his fight with Bushman and the elements of the desert, Spector died. As Marlene cried over his body, Spector suddenly came back to life. It was his belief that Khonshu had brought him back from the dead in order to be the moon's knight of vengeance. Spector removed a cloak from the statue of Khonshu and confronted Bushman again, and this time, he came out victorious, thus Moon Knight was born. Returning to the states with Marlene and Frenchie, the trio decided to fight a war against evil. Spector used his fortune from his mercenary days to create some aliases to infiltrate different aspects of society. One persona was that of Steven Grant, a New York millionaire. In the guise of Grant, Spector was able to make high profile contacts. Spector also created the persona of Jake Lockley, a New York cab driver. Through Lockley, he was able to make several contacts "on the streets." It appeared as the act of juggling the different persona's put a strain on Spector's mental health.

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