Full/Real Name

Panty Anarchy






Ghost Hunter

Special Powers/Abilities

She can turn her panties into a gun, as well as other people's undergarments


Backlace, her gun

Panty Anarchy is a main character in the Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt series.


Panty is an angel who was kicked out of Heaven for her terrible behavior. In order to return, she had to collect Heavens, special coins used as currency in Heaven. The only way to obtain Heavens was to kill ghosts, lost souls who died before their time. Together with her sister, Stocking, they save Daten city from the ever-present threat of ghosts and demons.


Panty is lusty, shameless and uncaring. When she first stepped foot on Earth, she made a goal to sleep with at least 1,000 men before returning, and most of her character development revolves around this. She is incredibly pround of her figure, and will shamelessly flaunt it off, whether it be to get men or to just plain show off. Even when there's a huge threat present, Panty's mind will always either be on sex or just having fun.

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