Phantom is a former enemy of Megaman X and evuantually became his ally.His main goal is to kill Demise but kould never because Demise and him are equally strong but never kill each other.Phantom is Megaman Xs ninja friend and is a total ULTRA BADASS.

Phantom is a character in the video game series Mega Man Zero. Phantom was the leader of the Zan'ei Army (斬影軍団 Zan'ei Gundan?, "Cutting Shadow Squadron") with the title of Inshō Phantom (「隠将」ファントム "Inshō" Fantomu?, literally "Shadow General Phantom" aka "Stealthy Commander" or "The Ebony Illusion"). The idiom dictionary of the Mega Man Zero Official Complete Works reveals his English title to be Hidden Phantom (which is further supported by his full name appearing in Mega Man Zero Collection). Phantom's schematics were based on that of X's capabilities of stealth. He is one of the Four Guardians of Copy X.

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