Scorpia is ElectricMayhem's fan-made MK kharacter. She is Scorpion's grand-daughter, and the sister of the 3rd

EM's drawing of Scorpia

Sub-Zero, Hato Hasashi. Her weapon of choice are 3 golden blades, forged from fire by her ancestors, the original Shirai Ryu. They have magic abilities, and when they draw blood from someone, theyre wound remains forever, as a reminder of theyre defeat by The Shirai Ryu.


After her small village, home to the sole survivors of the attack by Quan Chi (disguised as Bi-Han), heard the news of Quan Chi fooling with Scorpion (MK9), they presumed he was dead. Quan Chi tracked her down, and kidnapped her brother. Later, disguised as her brother, he told her that Onaga kidnapped him and that Onaga was the one who killed Scorpion. Scorpia sent out to get revenge, so she went to the wise man in her village, who turned out to be one of the founders of the Shirai Ryu. He promised to make her into a wraith like her grand-father if she promises to use it wisely, and get vengance upon the evil... by taking there lives. She agreed, then set out to kill Onaga, and, on the way, Quan Chi decided to test her strength by sending Moloch, The Oni Destroyer after her. She defeated Moloch, but Quan Chi just kept sending him back and back and back until Scorpia had enough and killed the beast with her blades. She made it to Onaga, and was about to kill him, but Onaga told her he had nothing to do with Scorpions death. Suddenly, the ghost of the man who turned her into a wraith came up from behind Scorpia and told her Quan Chi's plans, as Quan Chi had just told the man his plans and finally killed the man. Scorpia was angered, so she tracked down Quan Chi, then fought him on a cliff, over a deadly drop. After a long fight, she finally managed to throw her golden blade into his forehead, then kicked him off the cliff into a dark, dark pit of misery.

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