Full/Real Name

Stocking Anarchy






Ghost Hunter

Special Powers/Abilities

Her stockings, as well as other people's, turn into twin katanas.


Stripes I and II, her twin katanas,

Stocking Anarchy is a main character in the Panty and Stocking 'with Garterbelt' series.


Stocking is an angel who was kicked out of Heaven for her terrible behavior. In order to return, she had to collect Heavens, special coins used as currency in Heaven. The only way to obtain Heavens was to kill ghosts, lost souls who died before their time. Together with her sister, Panty, they save Daten city from the ever-present threat of ghosts and demons from the darkest pits of hell.


Stocking is more level-headed than her sister, prefering to actually stay on her goal than worry about trivial matters. She does, however, heavily enjoy sweets, especially since she almost never gains any weight from them (She says the weight goes to her breasts). Although she says she could care less for sex, she has shown to enjoy masochistic pleasures, such as being tied up and electrocuted. Overall, Panty can be just as bratty as her sister, but with more realistic and level-headed ideals.

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