Hello! I'm Strawberry Cupcake Kitten, formerly Vaporen82996. I enjoy games with female protagonists and lots of fighting games, some of my favorites being Tomb Raider, Bayonetta, Arkham City, Tekken, Mortal Kombat and Soul Calibur. I like cats :3, buffalo chicken and the color pink. I'm also a bit of a nerd, as I enjoy quite a bit of
comics and anime. I change avatars at least 4-5 times a day, and am on my own to my goal of 300 avi changes! Wish me luck!

I was one of the original members, I was present at the battle of Kults vs. Preds, and chose Kults when sides were taken. I see now that was good choice. My current status is on-and-off Chat Mod and Temp. Admin when I'm needed.

OH! And I'm a guy, just so there's no confusion. :D

thumb|340px|left|My Theme Song

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