Operation: Wing Savers , or as its most commonly known as, Team: Wing Savers, was a government operation to stop the nazzis in the 40s. It was started by a government member, Ivan Wingsavre. They gave soldiers "treatments" to make them stronger, these treatments were preformed by Ivan's half-brother, Johann Ecktothing (pronounced" Ek-Toth-Ing), who was later left behind in the secret hide-out when it was on fire, and ever since, Johann hated his half-brother, Ivan. Inside the fire, Johann gave himself a "treatment", and transformed himself into an immortal, green, see-through monster, dubbed by the army as "The Ekto-Thing." (This time its Ek-to-thing!) Later in the 90's, the soldiers, all besides one, Matt H. Pouwerl, gave brith to kids affected tremendously by the treatments. One could turn into a monkey and back, and his sister could turn invisible and back to visible, one could form force-fields out of pure energy, one could stretch himself to insane sizes or lengths, and even more. When the kids were teenagers, they were old enough to know about the truth. The government tried tracking them down, but the teens were paniced about the people tracking them down, and tried to escape. The government sent in Matt Pouwerl, code-named "Mr. Power", to catch them. They were brought to the government base were there parents had the treatments done. The government explained the story to them, and they became a team for the first time.

Things About The StoryEdit

  • This was all made up by ElectricMayhem, as part of his comic-book-company.
  • Theres a list of team members here.

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