This is a list of members in the Team Wing Savers.

2nd TeamEdit

Name: Age: Powers: First Active:
Jason Harvest 15 Turning into a monkey and back Team: Wing-Savers Unite! #1
Power-Shield 18 Creating force-fields of pure energy Team: Wing-Savers Unite! #1
The Creature 15 Born a scaley hulking monster with a devil's tail and huge claws, talks in 3rd person Team: Wing-Savers Unite! #1
Sapp 17 Made of tree-sap Team: Wing-Savers Unite! #1
Elastic 18 He has the abilit to stretch himself to incredible sizes and lengths Team: Wing-Savers Unite! #1
Invisagirl 16 She can turn invisible and visible again Team: Wing-Savers Unite! #1
Mr. Power 34 He can generate power from his hands Team: Wing-Savers Unite! #1
Contageous 15 Home to several diseases, Contageous can can infect any human's body with several diseases, just with one touch Team-Wing Savers Unite! #1
Uhhhh.......... This Row Wasn't Supposed To Be Here

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