Volume I

Part I

For millenia, humans have reported sights of strange flying objects, of meeting bizarre non-human creatures obviously not of this world. Some have even claimed to have been abducted and tested upon by these beings.

Some of these beings have been peaceful, and simply curious. Others have been reported as hostile, vicious, and indifferent to us and our world. Earth.

These have ranged from the Greys, who witnesses have claimed to be grey-skinned with large heads and huge black eyes, to the reptoids, humanoids with reptilian features, who people have claimed to be cold-blooded and violent. Other reports have claimed of squid-like beasts, huge white maggot-like creatures, and beings who even appear to be nothing but pure energy.

But few know there is nothing but truth to these reports. Those creatures? They are sentient, intelligent alien beings, and those flying objects? They are their methods of transportation.

But nobody could have known of this.

Nobody could have known.

That we would soon make first contact with these aliens, and after that, everyones lives will be altered, perhaps for good and peace, perhaps for hatred and bloodshed.

They have been studying us and our lives for more than 500,000 years, and they have decided that now is the perfect time to reveal themselves to us.

But nobody, not even the aliens, could have expected what happened next.

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